Ferrari 330 Engine Disassembly

I finally had a chance to begin disassembly of this 330 engine I have at the shop. I wanted to record some of the process in a time lapse, but that required a dedicated work space that I could use and not have to move. Since I have so many cars and projects going on at the same time, I had to wait until I found the right spot. Eventually, I picked my half finished office space to do the disassembly. I guess installing new carpeting will have to wait!

After taking off the valve covers, I found the internals of the engine to be pretty filthy. It doesn’t look like this engine had frequent oil changes when it was running.

Not only were all the internal components filthy, the bottom of the oil pan had about a 1/4 inch of sludge.

I had already drained the oil out of the crankcase a few months ago, but the sludge didn’t come out with the oil, but remained in the sump.

The main bearings, rods, and bottom end of the engine was just as filthy.

From the looks of the hardware and fasteners I would guess this engine had never been apart since it was new. I took this picture to document how the factory dressed the safety wire for the oil pick up hose.