Sunbeam Service

I’ve been so busy working on customer cars, I find myself neglecting my personal cars. My poor little Sunbeam Alpine probably gets the most neglect, and yet I still love this little car. She isn’t a cream puff, and has some rust in the body panels creeping in, but the chassis is solid, and there’s nothing better than having the top down on a warm summer evening!

Last summer, I noticed some oil dripping from behind the rear brake drum, and I finally decided to take a closer look. As I was afraid to find, and axle seal had failed and gear oil was soaking the rear brakes.

Looking at the shop manual, I found the seal is integrated in the axle bearing, so the brakes, and axle shafts would have to come out so I could remove the bearing.

Giving some attention to my Sunbeam made me feel good. She deserved my time so I could spend some more time behind the wheel of this little British car on some more summer evenings!