Little Details on a Ferrari 250GTE

After getting back from our road trip in this Ferrari 250GTE last month, the new owner made up a “to do” list for me before sending the car to its new home. The wire wheels needed to be refurbished, so the tires were dismounted, and the wheels were shipped out.

I installed a set of seat belts that matched the interior of the car better than the black ones that were in the car. I also installed a set of belts in the back seats as well so the kids can go along for the ride!

The rubber boots that sealed the pedals from the weather were torn up, so I had to remove them to install new ones.

The panel from the floor board comes off so I could drill out the rivets that secured the old rubber and rivet new rubbers back in.

With everything back together, I guess we should replace the pedal pads too, as they’re pretty worn!

The brake reservoir could use some fresh paint, so it was stripped and painted. The brake fluid was doing such a number on the reservoir that you would think it was originally wrinkle paint when it was actually semi-gloss black!

I’m on the hunt for one of these glass lenses for this car. It’s a for the front turn signal on this GTE. The lenses on this car were incorrect, and I managed to find one lens, but still need another one. I’ve gone to the all the usual suspects, but haven’t been able to find another one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!