Ferrari 330 Head Removal

It took a several days, but I finally got the first head off the 330 engine. One head stud was really corroded and was locking the head onto the block, but with steady pressure and penetrating oil, I got the head to move off the block.

The second head required the same treatment by using a steel plate and steel bolts exerting pressure on the top of the head studs to slowly pull the head off the block. You can see the white powder that is from moisture corroding the steel stud next the aluminum head. This little bit of corrosion will lock the head to the stud, and cause all sorts of problems. As the head is pulled, I had measure the distance it was moving to insure it wasn’t moving unevenly and cocking itself to the head studs.

Eventually, both heads were safely removed from the block without damage.

The next step is to remove the pistons and rods so the crankshaft can come out.

Here’s a video of some of the disassembly.