Monterey 2021 Part III

Friday of Monterey week started with the Werks Reunion at the Blackhorse Golf Course in Seaside CA, just up highway one from Monterey.

It’s a free event for spectators and it brings out hundreds of Porsche fans and owners. If you like Porsches, this is like going to heaven. In certain parts of the country Porsches are not that common, but Californians love them, so you can imagine how many turn up for a car show! Almost every model and variation was represented. I myself started as a Porschephile, so it was easy for me to slip back into the Porsche lingo, and blend in.

Even the car park was filled with hundreds of 911. After a couple of hours of immersion, I was ready to look at something else!

What I chose to look at was Ferrari parts! T Rutlands opened a branch of their parts business in Monterey right by the airport next door to John Bagioli’s shop Forza Motors. I stopped in to say hi to both shops and take a peek at what they were up to.

T Rutlands is constantly acquiring inventory from other shops and retiring technicians, so their used parts is always changing.

Just seeing the parts laid out reminded me of several customer’s cars looking for particular parts.

If I were next door like John’s shop, I would be over here every day picking through their inventory!

If you need anything, call Dave at T Rutlands.