Monterey 2021 Part VI

I arrived super early to help uncover some cars that were showing on the lawn at Casa Ferrari.

Just outside the entrance to Pebble Beach, Ferrari invited a selection of cars that were made by Ferrari from the 50s, all the way to the modern cars. They were parked in age order, surrounding a group of new Monza SP1 and SP2 cars celebrating the sports racers from the 50s. These cars were special order cars sold to special customers that showed the enthusiasm that Ferrari liked to see, and they rewarded them with the opportunity to spend even more money!

The 1958 and 1959 Testa Rossas that we were driving earlier in the week were invited to show at Casa Ferrari, so I benefited from this invitation by sharing in the food and drink Ferrari provided with access to Casa Ferrari. Thank you Ferrari!

One of the benefits of attending the Concours at Pebble Beach are the displays the manufacturers bring to show at Monterey. I found this Ford display interesting comparing the original GT-40 to the modern Ford GT that it inspired. Look how large the newer Ford is to the original!

I made it out to the Ferrari section out on the main lawn at Pebble beach to see my friends Greg and Parker. Greg won third in his class which is very impressive for a world stage!

I was excited to see the “Triposte” Ferrari, a 365 Prototype Ferrari once owned by Luigi Chinetti Jr. This car is just back from a full restoration, but I remember over a dozen years ago when this car was at Francois’ shop getting a tune up!

The McLaren F1 may have three seats, but this car was one of the first to do it in the 60s!

I won’t name names, but anyone who has shown a car has been caught in a compromising position trying to rectify a problem with a show car. Good luck guys!

Francois and his wife Pam were also hanging out at Casa Ferrari, so I managed to get a picture of us. I can’t express the love I have for these two people and how much they changed my life in the world of Vintage Ferraris!

I met Jim Glikenhaus several years ago on the commuter plane between LA and Monterey during Monterey week. Before I had a chance to tell him how much I was entertained by his posts about his cars, he told me how much he liked reading my website! We’ve been friends ever since. While he was showing a Pebble, his Hyper car was setting fastest times at testing for Le Mans!

I finally got a chance to catch up with my friend Jeff with the yellow Monza. Being the only yellow one with the center stripe, I kept spotting the car all over the Monterey Peninsula, but no Jeff. We finally got to spend some time around the car on Sunday, the last day of car week. Jeff was heading back East, but had one concern. The cars were not allowed to leave the lawn until later in the afternoon, but his flight out was before the cars were allowed to exit. I offered to drive the car to the transporter parking lot after juggling around my schedule. He handed me the keys to his $1.7 million dollar car and headed to the airport!

The Ferrari people herded all the cars parked on the lawn in front of Casa Ferrari and we exited the show field. It must have been quite a sight to see over 25 of these cars leaving together.

I caught some confused looks from friends I knew who spotted me behind the wheel of this yellow Monza SP2. At least they were nice enough to snap a picture to document the occasion!

I realized after delivering the SP2 to the transporter lot, I would still need a ride back to my car. Since my friend with the Testa Rossa was leaving Casa Ferrari, I called Steve for a my ride back to the rental car! I also took the opportunity for a impromptu photo shoot with the two open sports racers in the same hue. Where else but Monterey can you call up a ride and real 1958 TR shows up. That’s one hell of an upgrade in an Uber XL!

If you haven’t seen the video from an earlier post, here’s the ride back from the transporter lot.

Both TRs were tucked away as I got ready to head out to the Bay Area and eventually home. It was a fantastic week with some memories that will last quite a long time. Of all the images I took during the week, I think this will be the one that will always remind me to Pebble Beach 2021!