Ferrari 330 Parts Restoration

I started restoring the leaf springs on the SI 330 I have at the shop.

Ferrari rear leaf springs have some details that are different from other cars. When removed from the car, they will curve into the shape of a U, so they have to be tensioned to reinstall. The spring shackles have rubber silent block bushings, but the bushings installed in the spring eye is different.

Ferrari used some kind of soft bushing material in the spring eye, but it often disintegrated from lack of grease.

When the bushing material crumbled, the shackle would wallow out the bushing causing a lot of play in the rear suspension.

The bolt that secured this bushing is hollow, and has holes for grease to be injected, but this was often forgotten. After removing the old bushing, I make new bushings out of delrin for a better longer lasting bushing that can stand the neglect of missed lubrication,

Some parts were dropped off my my chrome plater. The air extractor plates were stripped of chrome so I could take them over to my painter so they could be painted body color. The fuel rail was chrome plated along with the shift lever and some smaller misc pieces.

The fuel rail needed to be cleaned of rust internally even though the outside was newly plated.

I reinstalled the shift lever to the transmission assembly, and may be one of the first things I reassembled on this 330! The rest of the transmission still needs to rebuilt. That’s next!

The rest of the work is pretty boring which involved hours in front of the blast cabinet removing rust and scale from old parts.

Primer and paint is then applied to make a parts pile of refurbished parts ready for installation!

Don’t forget to check out videos I’ve made on YouTube.