Annual Pledge Drive

Hi All,

It’s that one time a year that I ask you to consider donating some money to this website. Most of you have been on this journey for many years and don’t need me tell you how much information I help share on keeping old Ferraris alive. Some of you own cars and use this website to help work on your own car by searching the archives or forums for help and ideas. Some of you work on Ferraris professionally and lurk in the background looking for resources and ideas to get customer’s cars fixed and down the road. I am always happy to help anyone and everyone no matter where you come from. I don’t believe there should be secrets, but I do believe there is value to this website, and this one time a year is a chance for you to show your support. The content this website provides is not just for owners and mechanics , but also for enthusiasts interested in content that you wouldn’t normally see, so thanks for pledging.

This past year I’ve decided to put a concerted effort to creating more video content along with blogging. If you’re wondering where I find the time to blog every week about my Ferrari work, you should see how much time it takes to shoot and edit videos! I feel the commitment was well worth it, because I feel the content is more entertaining and dynamic, and I hope you agree. If you haven’t seen my YouTube Channel, click here.

I’m always amazed how much can be accomplished in video production today compared when I when I took television and film production at Pratt Institute over 30 years ago (?!) , but it still takes new gear and software to make it all work. I’ve been working on getting better audio during my driving videos, and buying extra cameras for more shots while I’m in the car. When the weather gets better again in the Northeast, I’m looking forward to trying out more stuff!

Thanks again to everyone who showed their support, and I look forward to another year of Vintage Ferrari content!

Tom Yang

For those that want to send a traditional check, my snail mail address is: LLC

PO Box 36

Hollowville, NY 12530