A New Grille and Help with finding Parts

I have a silver Series II 330GT 2+2 at the shop with a grille that was painted black by a previous owner. The current owner wanted to return a few of the modifications made to this car back to original and one of the details was in the grille. My concerns were there was a reason why someone painted the original natural finish of the egg-crate grille with flat black paint, and it was probably because the oxidation and corrosion was too much work to disassemble, sand, and polish. As I learned from my grille restoration years ago, sometimes the aluminum becomes so corroded that no amount of sanding and polishing will eliminate the pits in the aluminum.

I knew of a new grille that was in Australia made for an owner of a SII 330. The original grille was disassembled, scanned, and reverse engineered to make an exact copy. Because of the amount of hand work and fitting by the shop that made the grille, two more were made and I purchased one for a client of mine two years ago. I knew the last extra one was still sitting on the shelf in Australia and told my customer about it. The cost of this grille, at first seemed expensive, but when compared to the time and energy to fabricate a new grille, it was a bargain. I will still have to fit the grille to the chrome surround, but all the detail work was done, and it’s going to look great!

Although the SII grilles are sold out, my friend in Australia has another one he made for a SI 330 which is of the same quality. If you need one for a Four Headlight car, let me know and I’ll put you in touch!

Another project on this SII 330 I’m working on is finding a center console for this car. If you recall, there was a custom center console installed on this car and we wanted to install the original console which was smaller, but am having some problems finding a replacement. Tom Shaughnessy doesn’t have one. Mostly British doesn’t have one. There are other suppliers around the US that has hoards of parts, but I’m looking for some help for ideas. Some of the owners with these parts stashes don’t return phone calls, or don’t respond because they don’t have what I need, but it’s hard to know from their silence. If you know someone who had this piece, or have a lead for me to call, I would be grateful. I would love to find one in the US, but would be willing to search Europe if need be. Thanks everyone!

I want to thank everyone who has donated to this website so far for the December Pledge Drive. Asking for help locating a SII 330 Grille is a prime example how you too can use this resource and reach others. I’m always available to people who reach out for help with their cars and the forum allows people to ask other professionals, owners, and knowledgeable enthusiasts. This is the one time a year I ask to recognize the value of this website and the content it delivers on all platforms. Thanks again for contributing!

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