Ferrari 330 Concours Details Part II

Correcting the little details continued on the Ferrari SI 330GT and today’s correction was the windshield washer squirter. It may seem minor, but I often see these squirters aimed the wrong way. Even though owners rarely use these squirters, it’s nice to have them at least aimed correctly. To reorient the squirter, I had to remove the cowl vent to loosen the screw that secured the squirter.

With the squirter aimed properly, the slotted end turns the end to point up towards the windshield.

I noticed the o-rings that gather the spark plug wires were missing on this car. They often dry-rot and fall off.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to put new ones in except to disconnect the wires from the distributor cap and thread new ones in place.

There’s no exact number of o-rings needed, but I tend to put about four a side with two below the clip and two above.

I went through the operation of the lights on the car and found I didn’t have license plate lights. Like I said, there is only a three point margin between a Platinum and going home empty handed at a show like Cavallino, so a blown bulb or broken wire to a light can really make a difference.

Everything was wired correctly, and the circuit was lighting up with a test light, but I couldn’t get the fixture apart to check if the bulb was blown because of some corrosion.

Moisture had rusted the fixture along with the connection between the bulb and the housing. After media blasting the inside of the socket, and applying a generous amount of dielectric grease, I got the license plate light to work.

The second light was suffering from the same problem.

Once the surface rust was removed, everything worked as it should.

Getting all these things to work is all part of the details of getting a car to win at Concours and don’t worry, I checked the reverse light. It worked!

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