Ferrari 330GTC Wiper Motor

I had some time to put some finishing touches to a Ferrari 330 GTC that I look after at my shop.

The stainless steel rocker moulding needed to be mounted, but it first needed to be polished and checked for fit before final mounting. This was a multi step process where I first had to make the special clips that hold the ends to the body, buy the spring clips that grab onto the ledge in the body, and drill the holes that were filled when the bodywork was done before painting. Once everything was fitted, I removed the moulding and had the trim sanded and polished.

I also needed to install the windshield wiper arms and blades, but before I did that I had to make sure the wiper motor was working properly. Wah, wah! I found the motor was practically seized, so I had to take everything apart and see what was wrong. The grease inside the gearbox has a tendency to harden with age, putting extra strain on the motor. This strain causes the brushes to arc on the commutator which eventually causes the motor to stop running. Cleaning the commutator, along with replacing the grease got everything working again, so the wipers could finally go back in.