Ferrari 365 Driveline Noise

I shot a video of this 365GT 2+2 several weeks ago and one of the first things I noticed was a driveline noise that only happened as the car gained in speed. It was speed dependent, and didn’t change when the car was in or out of gear. I suspected it was a bearing located between the transmission and the rear differential inside the torque tube.

I tried to slide just the differential back to clear the studs that held the torque tube in place, but found there just wasn’t enough clearance so the rear axles had to come out. Eventually, I got the torque tube out and the driveshaft out on the work bench.

The Bearing is held in place with a larger support, and after the retaining clips were removed, I pressed the bearing out.

With the old bearing removed, I waiting for the replacement to arrive.

With all the parts back in the torque tube, I put the assembly back in the car. The noise was reduced, and I felt better about checking the center bearing eliminating it from the problem!