Ferrari 330 Distributor Rebuild

While I have a 330 at the body shop getting work done, there is no lack of work to do on the rest of the car. One project was to rebuild the distributors. Like many parts on this car, the distributors were covered in dirt and oil, but a couple baths in degreaser and an ultrasonic cleaner should take care of this.

The rest of the internals were disassembled and inspected. I’ll replace the bearings and points, but the rest of the parts looked to be in good shape. I’ll have to get a new condenser to replace the weird one I found on this distributor. I imagine the original one failed and it was replaced with this large unit pictured in the upper right of the frame.

The angle drives for the distributors were just as filthy, but the difference was huge after some time in the wash tank. I’ll take the units apart further and thoroughly clean them again in an ultrasonic cleaner before putting back together.