The Blog Has Been Hacked

Hi All,

Some of you may have been experiencing some strange things on this website where viewing the blog brings you to a pharmacutical website. I obviously would never do this, but please close this website window and try again. I am working on a solution, but please be patient. The type of hack can be found when you google “Word Press Redirect Hack” but how it inserted itself into the blog was through vulnerabilities in the blogging software I use. Cleaning out the malicious code will now be the challenge.

This is just one of many issues I’ve had to deal with on this website through the years, and it upsets me that there are people out there with such Mal-intent.

Please let me know if this redirect is happening all the time, and if it happens anywhere else besides the blog. I need to find the source of the hidden code imbedded inside my website, and it helps to know how it shows up on your personal computer. I saw the pharmaceutical website once on my personal web browser and have not had it return since. Does it happen on your computer all the time? The latest blog post was posted Feb 9th, 2022 about wrinkle painting exhausts before this post about being hacked. Can you see that post?

If you are familiar with is Hack and can help in some way to clean up these files, let me know. I am not great at these things, and could use all the help I can get. Ironically, I looked into getting a service to help clean up the software on my website, and one of them said they were not accepting new clients due to the huge demand of hacked websites needing repair!

I need to find the strength (and time) to solve this problem. Thanks for your patience!



I hired my server company to help find and eradicate the malicious code that was inserted to my blogging software. Hopefully, it has been fixed. Please let me know if you still see any strange websites popping up when you look at this blog.

Thanks for your patience!