Ferrari 288GTO Wheels

I had to do a house call this week to grab a set of wheels off a Ferrari 288GTO. It was time for new tires, and we decided it was easier and safer for me to take the wheels off, have the tires replaced, and reinstall them on the car in situ. Moving the car to my shop and back is not only expensive, but also risked scratching or damaging such a valuable car. The only risk I had was removing the center lock wheels with the octagonal knock off tool supplied in the tool kit. Sometimes the center nut can be really stuck on the hub, but I brought my BFH and got the nuts off.

I brought a set of jack stands to leave the car up in the air at my client’s place until I returned with the new tires.

When I got the tires back to my shop, I had a little bit of work to do on the wheels before installing new tires. They looked pretty good on the outside faces of the wheels, but the back sides of the wheels were filthy with brake dust.

The studs were also showing a little bit of surface rust, so I had to clean these up a little bit. I also had to remove the old wheel weights and the glue that held them in place. If the tire mounter didn’t remove the old glue and adhesive, not only would this look terrible, it could also affect the balance when the glue is removed after balancing.

The weather in the northeast was just warm enough to take these wheels outside and pressure wash the brake dust out.