Amelia Island to Ormond Beach

I was up at the crack of dawn on Fernandina Beach to head further south to Ormond Beach Florida to perform an inspection on a Ferrari. I would have loved to have sat on the back deck of this beach house with a cup of coffee to watch the sun rise, but I had work to do!

I met the owner of this Grigio Fumo Metallic Ferrari 328 to inspect it for a potential buyer in NY. It was a 2020 Cavallino winner, and I needed to make sure it was a good car.We took it out for a test drive before bringing it back for a compression test. I had brought my tools down with me, and got to work.

I liked the car, especially the color combination. The larger 3.2 liter engine gives this car a little more power than the 308s before it, but the throttle response in not as crisp as the carburetor cars. I made a list of my findings, and passed on the information onto the buyer. The rest was up to the buyer and the seller. I jumped back in the car, and headed back to Amelia Island to catch up with the rest of my group!