Los Angeles Bound and Beyond

Tom Wilson of the 250GTE registry invited me to join him in Los Angeles for a week in April, and I could use a week away! I will probably have my week filled in no time, but I wanted to throw this out to my friends in Southern California to see if you’d like to meet up? Since my kid is heading off the college next year, Ellie is going to join me on this trip before being too busy to hang out with Dad.

Here’s a rough schedule:

Arrive in Los Angeles Monday April 18th. I will be staying in Culver City

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19-20 meeting friends and seeing some repair shops.

Thursday April 21 heading to Del Mar. I understand the La Jolla Concours is that weekend April 23-24, but may try to get together with people on Friday.

Saturday, April 23 open, heading back to LA

Sunday April 24 some kind of gathering in Culver City. Cars not required, maybe a bbq?

I will try my best to accommodate your ideas and schedules to meet. See you out there!

There are a couple of other trips I’m working on that I wanted to throw out there to you. The Ferrari Club of America is having their annual meet in Mont Tremblant Canada. I’ve registered for the event and am thinking of driving my 330 America up. I heard it’s much easier to cross the Canadian Border driving a car than trying to get a Ferrari in the country in the back of a transporter! A friend of mine is thinking of joining me by shipping his car to my shop ahead of time and caravanning up from Hudson NY. It’s approximately a 6 hour drive from my shop, and there should be some good roads to take north from here. The Dates are in July, the 23nd to the 27th. I’ll have to decide if crossing the Canadian Border on Saturday the 23rd is a good idea or if we should do it on the day before. Let me know if you’re going and whether you want to join us. I can plan a route and meet you on the way north.

Another gathering Scott Klion is planning for the 250GTE Registry is in the Fall in conjunction with the Lime Rock Fall Festival. GTE owners are invited to join us on a weekend of driving that will converge on the Sunday at the Park in Lime Rock Race Track Labor Day weekend, September 5th. Reach out to me or Scott for details.