Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Little Details

All the details on a SII 330GT I have at the shop are getting addressed. I cut a rear panel to fit the back package tray area for upholstery and it’s back from the trimmer.

The panel was covered in one piece of leather and perforated as per the factory holes where the rear speakers were. This is the largest piece of leather for the interior of a Ferrari and it requires the best piece of hide you can find. It usually ends up taking a whole hide which spans the whole back of the cow because that’s the cleanest scar free section of the cow!

The air cleaner on this particular car was painted in wrinkle paint black which is not correct for this car. It’s supposed to be semigloss black, so I sent this part out for stripping a powder coating.

The proof of the correct color and finish on this air cleaner can be found under the tag; Semigloss black.

The cover on this car was also incorrect, so I fabricated a new one from aluminum. Once I got the securing studs to line up, I took it off again and painted it semigloss black.