Ferrari 250 Lusso Exhaust

I’ve been waiting for months for an exhaust I ordered for a Ferrari 250 Lusso. I guess I need to blame the global supply chain problems because there are more parts to a Lusso exhaust than you would think!

Mike York at Timevalve in Florida usually makes my systems and I’ve ordered several from him through the years. He, Greg Jones, and I, have worked on making systems to fit a 330s, PF Coupes, GTEs, and Lussos, but everything from sheet metal, tubing, and even the packing inside had been in short supply. Weeks turned into months, and my deadlines for finishing this car got closer and closer. Greg Jones eventually saved me by selling me a set of pipes that were mandrel bent specifically for a Lusso and Mike sent me the muffler sections we were able to complete.

I normally have Mike set these systems up in a jig he has at his shop and tack them in place. It gives me rough starting place for installation, but since the pipes and mufflers were coming from two different sources, I had to piece the system together from pieces.

I tacked them together hanging the system on the car, and now have to get it TIG welded permanently in position. I was very happy to finally making progress on the Lusso exhaust!