Ferrari Front Spring Installation

I needed to install the front springs on a 250GTE I’ve been working on, but wanted to do it a safer way than I was taught by Francois. Francois’ method required the weight of the engine to compress the spring enough to install the keeper, but this method would always scare the hell out of me! Since the engine was not installed yet, and wanting to find a safer method, I started asking some of my friends in the Ferrari business how they did it. Steve Fremgen in Monterey showed me a spring compressor tool that was made for BMWs and Mercedes suspensions that could be modified to work on a Ferrari, so I bought one and tried it out.

Ferrari used an aluminum spring perch that is held in place with a large C-clip so the tool would have to be modified to allow me to instal the C-clip.

I cut the spring compressor tool down so it was allow space to push the aluminum cup inside the spring perch with enough room to install the clip. The center of the tool has a threaded rod that compressed the spring assembly, and the jack was used only to push the assembly in place. Once positioned correctly, I installed the C-clip and released the tension from the jack and the spring compressor. It was much safer, and didn’t require the engine to be in the car for the springs to be installed. Thanks for the tip Steve!