Prepping for a Road Trip

I drove my 330 America over to my shop for some maintenance. It was a perfect evening for drive and it gave me time to reflect how this car has been a part of nearly half my life!

The plan is to drive this car to Mont Tremblant in Quebec Canada in a week, so I wanted to give her a once over to make sure she’ll make the 6 hour trip up. I noticed some trash in the fuel bowls a couple months ago, and asked myself when was the last time I changed the fuel filter? Holy crap, it had to have been nearly 20 years considering I haven’t changed the fuel filter since I restored this car! It was time.

With the amount of sediment in the fuel filter housing, I was long over due for a filter change.

The gasket was still working, but on closer inspection, I could see the edges that were directly exposed to fuel were turning soft. Whatever is inside the fuel definitely degrades gaskets.

New gaskets and seals were installed with a thin coat of loctite 518. Like Dyke Ridgely said when he told me about this stuff, “It the best invention since chocolate milk!”

With everything back together, I noticed my fuel flow wasn’t that great. I modified my fuel delivery system with an auxiliary Facet fuel pump (you can read about it here), but when I was testing the fuel pump alone, the flow was not normal. After taking a peek inside, I think I found a piece of trash had jammed the plunger, and even though I got it working again, I decided not to take a chance, and ordered a new pump.

With Ferraris, there is always something to fix. My pinion seal is leaking again! I cant remember if I had installed a speedi sleeve in my pinion seal, or was that another car, but I’ll have to address this leak when I get back from Canada. It’s always something!