Sending Cars Out and Getting them In

I’ve been moving a lot of cars lately with very little time to write about it! I’ve been posting things on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and I sometimes forget if I covered it on this blog! I posted this British Racing Green F355 Spider with a manual gearbox on Bring a Trailer, and sold right before I left for Monterey. I finally got a space on a trailer to send it to its new owner. I think the price was right, and both parties were happy. I found the BAT experience pleasant, and I would definitely do it again.

Another car I was happy to see head to its owner in Georgia was this SII 330GT 2+2. It’s been with me for a while, but we accomplished a lot of things including a long overdue tune up and interior upgrades like a new center console and rear panel below the window. As happy as I was to see this car go, I was also sad because it may be several years before I see her again.

With the extra space in the shop I had room to receive a new comer. It’s actually a car I was very familiar with, but now completely restored. I loaded this 1959 250 Pininfarina Coupe onto a container a couple years ago in Detroit bound for Latvia for a complete restoration. She’s back and looking really nice. I drove it to the Lime Rock Show over Labor Day Weekend to get it out in the public. The owner and I have to decide whether we want to take this car to any major events in the States. Although the restoration was done to a high level, there were still some minor issues that would need correcting if we were to take it to Concours that uses Ferrari Club rules. They are minor corrections, but add up the difference in points to winning an award. Even though I consulted on this restoration, I wasn’t able to go to Latvia for a lot of physical restoration due to the pandemic, so a lot of it was done remotely. There’s still no substitution for in person consulting, but I’m glad our efforts created a car that needed no major corrections. Things like valve stem caps, or trunk details will need to be added or modified, but all easily corrected. We’ll make a decision soon if we want to throw this car into the Concours fray!