Rant About Low Mileage Cars

I was out in Monterey this year watching the auctions and trying to get a feel for where the collector car market is headed. Although my particular specialty of Vintage Ferraris is a very small part of collector car market, it seems to attract the most attention. With the new commitments made by auto manufacturers to stop selling gasoline powered vehicles by 2035, this brings into question how much longer will gasoline be available for our collector cars? Regardless of whether you believe gasoline will always be available, or that we will be come villains of bygone era when burning hydrocarbons caused the issues we now face, I wonder why aren’t we driving our cars while we still can?

The Monterey Auctions this year set new records again, but one anomaly was this insistent celebration of low mileage cars. I ask what’s the point of all this? What are we saving them for? If gasoline becomes prohibitively expensive, or unobtainable, we will miss an opportunity to drive internal combustion engines while we still can. I posted a video ranting about this issue. I hope you agree!