Ferrari 330GTC Wheels

I had a set of Ferrari 330GTC wheels I needed to take apart for painting. The first step was to get the trim rings off.

This car is just a driver, and the trim rings were not in bad shape, so the plan was to take them off without damaging them to polish and reinstall after the wheels were painted.

I made a tool out of some flat stock that I bent and filed down to get behind the trim ring and pry, but I first had to get the trim ring out far enough to get my tool in place.

Using a thin scraper, I carefully slid a corner under the trim ring and worked around the trim ring around getting it to move a little at a time. Going slowly and gently will keep from bending this ring.

Some rings were tighter than others, but they all will eventually move just enough to get the other tool in place.

I cut the short end of the tool just long enough to reach the inside of the hub so when I levered the trim ring, the pressure was on the inside of the ring, but it was also short enough to slide under the trim ring without touching the painted wheel. Even though this wheel will be stripped and painted, it’s nice not to add more damage to it!

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