F40 Seats

I have a F40 at my shop that I needed to get the seats reupholstered. The special fabric (Nomex?) becomes detached from the foam underneath and looks pretty dirty.

The only solution was to replace the material and recover the seats.

Seeing the dark crumbling foam under the fabric, I wondered how much of this was migrating its way through the material and making the seats look dirtier? It just didn’t make any sense that all the clues supported the low mileage of this car except for the dingy seats. Now I think I found the reason!

We ordered the exact replacement fabric from Europe and waited for it to arrive.

Meanwhile, the upholsterer scrubbed and cleaned the bad foam to reveal the supporting foam of the seat. Luckily, that was still in good shape.

With the correct material in hand, my upholsterer copied the original seat covers exactly, even the embroidered logo on the center of the seat back.

At first glance these seats looked simple, but there are always a ton of details, but the final result looked great.

The owner had one custom request, and that was to make a matching booster cushion for their child. My upholsterer realized the cushion needed to fit the pocket of the race seat in the F40 exactly to keep it place, so the edges were cut to match. We also used two different types of foam inside the cushion to make the seat a little more comfortable than the regular hard plastic booster seats. The child may end up more comfortable than the driver!

The nice thing about the F40 is there aren’t any air bags, so kids can ride in the front seats without concerns of an air bag deployment. The benefits of owning a F40 just keep in coming!

The seats look great, and I can’t wait to hear about the first Cars and Coffee event when the owner rolls up with his kid styling his custom seat!

The only thing left was to load the car on a truck and send it! Just in time too, as another snow storm was on its way

I usually use Passport Transport for transcontinental moves. They are as good as any of the large commercial automotive shipping companies, but I have a good relationship with the dispatcher so scheduling the transport of these cars is easy for me. Technically, after the car is inspected by the driver, he should take responsibility of the car to load it on his truck. Any damage or liability falls in his hands if anything goes wrong, but it’s always a discussion we have whenever I meet a new driver. I always feel it is safer for two people to load a car if the driver is by himself. He can spot me as the car is carefully loaded onto the transporter. We stay in constant communication, and never assume anything. We confirm and double check cars are chocked, parking brakes are on, straps are installed, and when it’s all loaded and strapped in, he spots the door as I extract myself out of the car. No matter how many times I do it, there is always a sigh of relief when I can walk away from a transporter and the car is on its way to the owner!

Here’s a video of the seats.

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