Dino Headlight Covers

I have a Dino at my shop that arrived with a cracked headlight cover. Dinos did not come from the factory with headlight covers but a lot of people install them on their cars. The current owner purchased this car with covers already installed, and eliminating the headlight covers would have been more involved than replacing the broken cover.

Not all headlight covers are created the same. The covers I purchased from a Ferrari supplier was significantly thicker than the ones fitted to the car. No wonder the other ones cracked!

I carefully covered the plexiglass with plastic and began the careful fitting of the lens. These covers come slightly oversize so it can be custom fit to the individual car. This job is made harder because there is no chrome trim ring or rubber gasket as we would see on a 275GTB, but the plexiglass has to follow the contour of the bodywork without a significant gap.

This required a lot of time carefully removing material with a small disc sander, checking the fit, marking the gap, removing more material, and getting covered in plastic dust from head to toe. Luckily these lenses were thicker, so the chance of catching an edge with the sander was minimized, but there was always the risk of a runaway sander nicking the surface of the plexi and ruining the clear lens. It was a long slow process, but I was happy with the result.

Replacing one lens turned into two, so they would match side to side. It may not have been obvious to the casual observer, but I could see the differences in the edge of the plexiglass so a little more micro plastics was scattered on the floor of my shop!