Cavallino 2023 Show Day!

My day started at 5 am. We had covered the cars the night before and we needed to get them uncovered, wiped down, and lined up for the move onto the lawn in front of the Breakers.

Before I did anything, I needed to get the stickers I made the day before installed on the 330. It was windy and raining at about 6:00 when I finally uncovered the 330 and got to work. I borrowed a headlamp and carefully placed the numbers in their respective place one by one. I only lost one label in a gust of wind, but that’s why I made extras!

I got in line and waited to be directed to my space on the lawn.

By sunrise, the rain had stopped, and the show field started to fill. The 330 was placed on the lawn but the PF Coupe needed to wait a little longer for the other cars to be placed.

Since the 250 PF Coupe was a 1959 car, it got placed on the top lawn at Cavallino with some pretty expensive Ferraris! No Ferrari is cheap, but considering everyone else had cars with 7 and 8 figure price tags, our 6 figure car seemed pretty cheap! The nice thing was I was really proud of this PF Coupe, and she looked very regal sandwiched between two California Spyders. The 410 side grilles really made this car stand out, and regardless of value, fit in with all her sisters!

This year because I had two cars to show, I found myself running back and forth between cars trying to coordinate the schedules of two groups of judges for the two classes. By mid morning, I had managed to get both cars judged, and it was time to relax a little bit.

It really takes a team of people to get a car to a concours, and I really needed to thank my friend Eddie Fiuza. He’s a well known South Florida Detailer that I’ve known on Facebook for years. We all run in the same circles of friends, businesses, and clients, but this was the first time we actually met in person! Eddie found time between the several cars he took care of to help me on the blue 330 with access to supplies like lights, miscellaneous things I didn’t pack. Thanks Eddie!

Speaking of friends, Francois Sicard was at Cavallino this year showing several of Lawrence Aurriana’s cars. It was such an honor to be showing a car of my own clients just three cars away from Francois, my mentor. I have so much to thank him to teaching me about Vintage Ferraris, and I owe this whole career dating back to that first time he agreed to help me restore my 330 America over 23 years ago. What a ride!

By the afternoon, ribbons started showing up on cars designating a Platinum win, and the 330 proudly displayed one!

The disappointment was the PF Couple did not receive a ribbon. I felt we gave it our best shot, but I guess it didn’t make the grade. The owners of this car (despite the glum expressions from all of us) were very pleased with the car. I thought the car looked great, and from all the comments I overheard throughout the day, the public really liked this car. I will find out what happened in the judging and let you know what they deducted.

My disappointment with the PF Coupe was tempered with the utmost joy Rocco had winning with his 330GT 2+2. I guess the scramble to get the little details right paid off!

I had one more thing to do and that was to load the PF Coupe back on the truck and send it back to my shop. The car is going overseas to be with the owners, so it may not be seen in the States for a while. I’m going to miss her, but I hope she has a nice life on the roads in the UK!