The Amelia Sunday

I decided to head to Amelia Concours a little late this year since I didn’t have to show a car to be there at the crack of dawn. There was nice collection of Porsche 959s gathered on the back lawn of the Concours. These were techincal marvels of their day, and are the halo car of a modern collection.

There were a lot of cars to see, but this Maserati caught my eye.

Even in bright sun may have made these colors look harsh, but I thought the colors were perfect for this car.

Even though I didn’t have a car to show, I still had work to do. Francois called me from CT to keep an eye out for a 250LM that was going to be at the show. It wasn’t hard to find, but getting a clear shot of the car amongst the growing crowd was going to be a challenge, especially since I arrived late.

Francois is currently restoring a client’s 250LM in CT as a joint effort with the Ferrari Factory. There seemed to be a debate on how the front panels were attached inside the nose of the car, and the only way to settle the argument is to provide pictures of other LMs.

This particular car is owned by the Indianapolis Speedway Museum, and retains a lot of the original details, so Francois asked me to try and take some pictures to help him with his restoration.

I found the guys with the museum and they gladly opened up the car for me to take some pictures which I promptly sent to Monsieur.