Dino GTS Roof Seals

The roof seals on this 246GTS looked original to this car and were hard and brittle.

I scraped them off with a putty knife and prepped the surface to install new seals.

The new seals arrived from the Dino Parts supplier in Germany and were beautifully molded pieces. They were not inexpensive, but was the exact fit to these roof panel.

I believe these pieces were originally attached with contact adhesive, or at least that’s what I found on the old seals. I decided to try securing the new weatherstripping with actual weatherstripping adhesive to fill the gaps between the parts. My first try was a bit of failure because the adhesive didn’t bond well to the smooth molded rubber seals. The molded rubber was too smooth for the adhesive to stick, so on my second try, I roughed up the contact areas with some sand paper. These seals had about 3mm of play front to back on the roof panel, and I found the seals needed to be installed towards the front of the car with the extra play so the panel’s locking system would work.