Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Brake Booster

One of the sub assemblies that I needed to address was the brake booster on the 330GT going through restoration.

I’ve been rebuilding them myself and they’re relatively easy once I learned the trick to getting the can apart. The internal seals are now available, and as long as the internal plastic pieces aren’t broken, the rebuild is straight forward.

The problem I had was the can itself. This car was stored in damp conditions for a long time, so certain parts corroded pretty badly. My concern was how smooth this can was going to look after I removed the rust.

A little moisture collected inside the can, but should clean up pretty well before I send it out for fresh gold cadmium plating.

I bead blasted the outside of the can, but couldn’t achieve a flat smooth surface because of the pitting due to the rust.

I’m going to try to grind and sand down the pits and see how much metal I’ll have to remove to make the can smooth again. From there, I’ll have to sand blast the can again and see if the surface will go back to smooth. The plating will show any imperfections if it’s not done evenly. I may have to replace this can with another one in my stash that is in better shape if it doesn’t look right after blasting.