Ferrari Vents

There are a ton of little parts that need attention when restoring a car, and the defroster vents on the Blue Scuro 330 needed new paint before installation.

After stripping off the paint, i found these really sloppy welds redirecting the angle of the inlet hoses. I’m pretty sure these vents were original from the factory, and I’ve seen some of this quality before in hidden areas of a Vintage Ferrari. I would guess the apprentices were trained on these pieces that no one would readily see. In a way, it makes these cars kind of endearing, seeing a truly hand made car. What’s the old saying? “A grinder and paint, make me the welder I ain’t!”

Are you guys watching these videos on YouTube? I’ve been spending more time creating these videos on that platform as I find them more descriptive than pictures on this blog. I will still be blogging, but more of my time has been spent creating video content.

I know some of you prefer to read a blog post at your leisure and have less time to sit down and watch a video, but don’t forget these are out there! Thanks for watching and let me know what you think and leave a thumbs up in YouTube!