Goodbye Dino

A lot of you may have seen a baby blue Dino in the background of my shop for the past few years. It came to my shop of some tuning and ended staying for a few years. If first arrived just at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, and the owner and I agreed to keep the car with me instead of delivering it his home in Canada.

Lucky for me, the car still needed regular exercise, so I took the car our for drives on a regular basis and even to car shows like the Lime Rock Fall Festival when restrictions started to lift.

I eventually delivered the car back to the owner for a short stay before the owner sent the car back to my shop for another winter of storage. He soon decided he wasn’t going to be driving the car enough to justify keeping it and asked me to list it on Bring a Trailer.

I took the time to photograph the car, and submit all the information to BAT for an auction specialist to put together an auction description.

The owner sent me old pictures of the restoration of this car and I included it with the pictures for the auction.

I also shot videos of the car to help potential buyers see the car running a driving. The car listed at the end of June and ran into the the first week of July. It’s always stressful when running an online auction because you never know what you’re going to get. A lot of car people watch Bring A Trailer, and many of them are not buyers. This can be good or bad. There are a lot of self proclaimed experts, or owners of the same car being auctioned, that want to share their knowledge or experience. It can help add perspective to the car being sold, but can also distract from the auction. I know a little about Ferraris, but I feel BAT is not the place to share what I know. I always question the motivation of anyone willing to share information on the BAT comments section, and bidders should too.

Luckily, the comments were civil and productive, and I managed to moderate and answer whatever was asked. We quickly met the reserve on the car, and the car successfully sold at the conclusion of the auction. I think both the seller and buyer did well at the conclusion.

I was now left with the task of insuring both parties met, exchanged title and payment before I arranged to ship the car to the new owner. I’ll be sad to see this car go, but I had a good time while it lasted!