330GTC Brake Service

Work continued on the 330 GTC I have at my shop. With the suspension fixed, I focused on the braking system.

I was surprised what looked like original soft brake lines on this car. As far as I knew, these rubber brake lines with the braided texture on the hoses have not been available for years. Even though they seemed to be still working, old brake lines tend to harden and clog up over time, so if they’re as old as they would appear, it was time for some new hoses.

The hoses that are available to me now have a smooth surface with striations running lengthwise on the hoses. I don’t believe there is any deduction in Concours judging if these don’t match the original hose texture since it would be considered a “wear item.”

The rear hoses were the same braided hose, so I installed new hoses as well.

While I was back there, I changed out the rear parking brake pads. The one on the left was the new one and you can see how worn the right one was. The Ferrari parking brake mechanism really needs all the help it can get, so that amount of wear would make a big difference in holding the car when parked!

Here’s the video I posted about the 330 GTC working on the suspension and initial inspection.