Sending Cars Out

One of the first things I had to do this week after being away several days attending the Audrain Concours and the New England 1000 was load a couple of cars on a truck headed to their waiting owners. This Maserati Ghibli Spyder was an interesting guest at my shop this summer, and I learned a lot about a brand I don’t normally work on. I like to work on Ferraris built before 1972 and I believe my customers benefit from my familiarity. I was met with some challenges with this Ghibli, but it was rewarding to solve the problems and send the car to the new owner. Would I work on one again? Never say never, but I think I’m busy enough with a waiting list of Vintage Ferraris needing my attention!

Before I left the shop last week, I applied some leather conditioner to the seats on the low mileage Dino I had at my shop. The leather seats were in perfect original condition, and I wanted to condition the leather to help it last many more years to come. I have found after applying the conditioner, instead of having it dry immediately, covering the seats with a thin plastic wrap allowed the conditioner to soak in deeper into the leather if the grain would allow.

It’s always bittersweet to watch a car get loaded onto a transporter when it’s headed off to an owner. I treat many of them as if they were mine, and feel I will miss them when they’re gone! The reward, however, is knowing the excitement and joy the owners will have when that door opens on the transporter, and their baby arrives home!