Ferrari 330GT Fuel Tank

I started gathering the parts for installing the fuel tank into the 330GT I’m restoring, and that included these special bolts and washers. Most nuts and bolts on a Vintage Ferrari are M6X1.0 or larger M8 bolts with a 13mm or 14mm head, but the gas tank bolts are a M7 (?) bolt with a 12mm head with a corresponding castle head nut. Saving, cleaning, and reusing these bolts are all part of the process of putting the right hardware back on the car.

The large washer that went with the bolts were insulated with some kind of material that often deteriorated through the years, and I have seen many restored Ferraris without any spacer.

The machined new spacers out of delrin rod, which will definitely outlast the original insulator.

I mocked up the parts before installing them permanently in the car.

The fuel sender was sent out for refurbishing and installed in the tank before it was raised into the car. Although there’s an access hole under the rear winder to service the fuel sender, having access to the top of the fuel tank made installation a lot easier!

I lined up with fuel tank with the slot under the car where the fuel tank will live and raised it in place.

Continuing the theme of the fuel system, I started refurbishing the main fuel filter assembly.

Once the seal was cracked, I was met with the unpleasant odor of stale gasoline. If you’re not familiar with this smell, consider yourself lucky!