More 330GT Chrome

I already dropped off a batch of parts with my chrome plater that will get stripped, polished and replated, but there was still more coming.

Through the years, I’ve come up with a process that I follow when it comes to certain pieces that takes a few more steps than simply taking the parts off the car and sending them out to plater. The chrome trim that goes around the extractor vents on a 330 first goes to the plater so he can strip the old chrome off, exposing the brass underneath. I get these back and fix any broken studs that need repair or silver soldering back in place. We fit these pieces to the car and make sure they’re not bent or distorted, and bend them back into shape before sending them back to the plater. From there, the process of chrome plating continues. The reason we do this extra step is I’ve learned if you send these pieces out in one step, the acid stripping will inevitably remove too much of the threads on the studs where the nuts won’t go back on. You need good threads so this thin trim piece will draw tight to the body work when everything is done. Also, checking for fit can really only be done before plating if any changes need to be done. Once the chrome is on, you live with what you have.

I have to remove the turn signal and tail light assembly light fixtures before sending the housings out for plating. I have to carefully bend back the tabs to release them from the housing being careful not to break any because they will have to be bent back when the housings come back with new chrome!