330GT Fuel Filters and Pickup

Continuing with the restoration of the fuel system, I worked on the rear fuel filter assembly. The original painted stencil was still surviving on this piece, so I will try to save it instead of stripping the paint and stencil off the canister portion of the housing. The paint on the top portion was pretty gone, so I’ll strip that part and repaint.

The smell of old gasoline is kind of like the smell of dead animals, it’s hard to describe, but you know the smell when you smell it!

The fuel pick up tube also needed some love. It had a pretty thick layer of varnished gasoline attached to its surface.

The tube itself was also badly clogged, but I managed to clean it out and knock off all the debris stuck inside. After thoroughly cleaning up the tube, I inspected the surface closely, as these tubes have been known to crack along their length, causing suction issues when the fuel level drops below the cracks. This one looked pretty good.