Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Ball Joint and Fuel Filter

I circled back to the Ferrari 365GTC/4 I had at my shop when the parts came in the mail. The upper ball joint boots were torn, and allowing dirt and moisture inside, so I ordered a new pair.

Replacing the ball joint was well worth it even though I didn’t see any visible play in the joint, but with the old ball joint in my hand, I could feel the ball and socket moving with some rough spots.

The trunk area had a mouse nest that needed cleaning before I addressed the fuel filter, and to see what other damage the rodents might have inflicted.

I clamped off the fuel lines to remove the filter assembly and take a closer look.

I’m really glad to have spent some extra time to move the lines and inspect them carefully, as there was a small section of fuel line that looked like a mouse started chewing through! The critter hadn’t gone all the way through the line, but I wonder if it stopped as they started to taste fuel? If the mouse had continued, all the contents of the fuel tank would have sprayed out of this hole!

I don’t know what fuel line would stop a mouse from chewing through, but I replaced the line with some synthetic sheathed rubber line to see if that would work any better.