Concours 330GT Trunk Seal

I have a SI 330GT at my shop that I’m prepping for Cavallino in January, and it’s just about ready, but I noticed something going on with the trunk seal. It was shrinking and the seam where the two parts meet was getting larger. This seems to be a common occurrence with the rubber we’re getting. Many times, I’ve installed door seals, cut them to exact lengths, only to watch them pull away from their perfect fit several months later. I don’t know if it’s the rubber formula the manufacturer is using, but we seem to be stuck with this problem.

Normally, the seam can be joined with a daub of cyanoacrylate (Krazy glue) glue, but as the rubber shrinks, the force often is too much for the glue to hold. To remedy this issue on this car, I slid the gasket together, stretching a little along the way. This could cause the corners to pull, so I had to use some silicone glue and some clamps to permanently glue the corners and the ends together.

I hope after being installed for the last few years, the gasket has finally stopped shrinking, and this glue will hold it’s seam!