Ferrari 330GT Heater Controls

Under the dash of the 330GT I’m restoring is a pair of heater control levers. There are five levers in total with three mounted on the dash and a pair mounted under the dash. The under dash levers divert the air from the blower motor towards either the foot well or the defroster vents.

I removed the lower levers to check their operation and repair what was needed. These levers are not moved very often and can seize through the years, and now was the time to check if they were working properly.

Sometimes it just take a little bit of “exercise” to free up these cables, but when rust build up inside the sheathing, it can lock the levers solidly that no amount of pulling or pushing will move this cable. This little bit of surface rust on the cable was enough cause problems!

With everything out of the car, it was easier to replace the solid internal wire and external sheathing with new parts that I had in stock at my shop. I carefully pried open the sleeve that held the original cable in place and re-crimped the new sheathing in place. I greased the wire before assembling everything and got it ready to reinstall in the car.