2023 Annual Pledge Drive

It’s that time a year again. I only ask you support this Website once a year, and your donations really help me keep this website going, not only with the costs of servers, domain names, and regular expenses, it also but it also let’s me know you appreciate the time and effort it takes to keep this little corner of the Internet going! The world has changed through the last two decades of my running this website, and I can see how it affects the viewership. Social media pushes a lot of content directly to your phones these days that I can see less and less people look to websites like these for entertainment. I’ve had to change some of content and the way you get it but I still like the permanence of a website. Try finding a post about something important on Facebook a few days after you saw it!

I have spent more effort, however, on my YouTube Channel, but I don’t think it has taken away from the blog entries. I’m still trying my best to post a blog post at least once a week, along with a new video every week as well, so your donations really helps motivate me to keep going!

If you’d like to send money via USPS, you can send checks here:

Tomyang.net LLC

P.O. Box 36

Hollowville, NY 12530

Here’s a quick recap of 2023 (click on the photos for more) :

I had quite a few Dinos at my shop last year, and the year started with this GTS. It was newly purchased car, and I had to sort it out for the new owner like fuel hoses, wipers, and a tune up.

The highlight of Cavallino in January 2023 was dinner with the usual suspects of the Vintage Ferrari world!

I got to drive a real 289 Cobra while I was down in Amelia Island this year, thanks to Roger Morrison!

A 330GT 2+2 came back from paint, and so it began the long process of putting it all back together!

Much of the summer was spent sorting parts and putting them back on the 330!

Another first for me in Monterey this year was when I got to not only drive a LWB Cal Spyder, but also break down in one!…and, and, fix it on the side of the road! All in one day!

Coming back home, I got a little outside of my comfort zone and worked on a Maserati Ghibli Spyder.

After judging again at Audrain, I was invite to drive with Sam in his 365GTC/4 on the New England 1000. What fun!

Thanks for letting me share my car adventures with you and your support through the years. This volume of work would not be possible without your support and enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to more next year, and bringing you along with the ride!