330GT Dash Details

Throughout the restoration of this Blue Sera 330GT 2+2, I have found a lot of parts exposed to a lot of moisture, so a lot of parts on this car were rusty and corroded, but that didn’t seem to be the case with the dash. The vinyl on the top of the dash was in nearly perfect shape. Normally, the exposure to the sun and heat will shrink and dry out the vinyl and cause it to pull away from the edges of the dash structure. Luckily, this dash was all intact, and looked like it only needed a thorough cleaning. I took a toothbrush and carefully scrubbed the ingrained dirt out of the texture of the vinyl and treated the surfaces.

The wood veneer was also in good shape, but a little dry. I rubbed in some tung oil into the wood to rejuvenate the wood. It started to look a lot less chalky and came back to life. After the oil soaked in, I wiped off the excess.

The vent rings were cleaned and I polished the chrome trim rings. Re-chroming these wasn’t necessary as the chrome was in very good condition.

I disassembled the center gauge cluster to clean the lenses and test each gauge. The clear plastic lenses on this gauge cluster had small scratches from years of cleaning with a dry cloth. I removed the plastic lens and polished out the scratches before putting everything back together.