Ferrari 330GT Carpet Heel Pad

One of the final details I had to correct before sending a SI 330GT 2+2 to Cavallino was correct a minor issue with the heel pad. This car was restored several years ago, and the heel pad was incorrect. The car scored 99.5 out of a 100 points with this issue being the only deduction.

The heel pad previously installed was actually commonly found on a 275GTB or Lusso, but not on a 330GT 2+2. I always explain when restoring these cars, to keep in mind which factory assembled the car, and use the same materials commonly used by that factory. Many Vintage Ferraris were designed by Pininfarina, but not all of them were built by Pininarina. Scaglietti was contracted to build Lussos and 275GTBs with the designs of Pininfarina. Each factory had different techniques and materials, so using a Scaglietti heel pad on a Pininfarina built car is a common mistake. I see this happen often with upholsterers, so I try my best to keep in touch with my upholsterer throughout their time with the car. Upholsterers often work on many different cars, not just Ferraris, and may not keep accurate notes on the details on each make and model. Whenever I take a car to my upholsterer, I review these details or provide the specific details to avoid these oversights.

I have found original heel pads installed on many Pininfarina built cars with this “basket weave” pattern molded into the surface of the heel pad. It’s rubber, or vinyl material, and I have confirmed this with other owners of original cars with surviving heel pads.

My friends in the Ferrari restorations business directed me to a company that reproduced the exact heel pad by taking a mold off and good original example and could supply reproductions. As much as it pained me to tear out the nicely installed and finished heel pad installed on this 330GT, correcting the 1/2 deduction on this 330 was important to the owner, so here we are!