Seat Belt Anchors on the GTE

I was working on seat belt anchors on a GTE and I found some mounts I wanted to change. Seatbelts were not standard issue on GTEs so they didn’t come with proper seat belt anchors. Most US States have a minimum safety requirement for lap belts for the car to be legal for road use. A previous owner installed a U shaped bolt through one layer of floor pan for the seat belt anchors at the same time removing a section of the floor pan support. To a DMV inspector, this would have passed the requirement for a seat belt, but would not actually work very well as a seat belt anchor!

They sell these nice seat belt anchors made specifically for attaching seat belts to floor pans, so after patching up the floor pan support with new steel, I welded a proper seat belt anchor to the floors on this GTE. I could now rest easy knowing these belts weren’t going to pull out of the floors!