Stuck Bolts

I had to disassemble the driveshaft rubber doughnut for the 330 so I could clean up the hardware and eventually replace the guibo joint, but a couple of bolts were stuck. Usually, these bolts will come out with a light hammering but when they’re really stuck, hammering the end of the bolt risks mushrooming out the end, making it harder to remove, and ruins the threads.

The other end was not square to the bolt I wanted to press against, so I had to juggle a couple parts and sockets to hold everything together straight and press down with the hydraulic press. I work at my shop by myself, and it’s times like these where I could have used an extra pair of hands to hold things in line as I pressed the bolt out.

The bolts finally moved with a violent pop in the press as the rust let loose. I will apply a “courtesy” layer of anti-seize on these bolt for the next mechanic that has to remove them!