Ferrari 330 Brakes and Engine Progress

I needed to address the brake master cylinder and how I was going to rebuild it. After pulling it apart, I found the internals to be in decent shape. The bore of the master cylinder showed some pitting, so I sent it out for sleeving. This master cylinder had a step bore with one measuring 7/8 of an inch and the rear measuring 1 inch. The. one inch bore looked good, so I had the brake sleeving shop sleeve the 7/8 inch bore with a stainless sleeve.

I carefully lined up the internal pistons and springs so they wouldn’t go out of order. obviously, any mix up of the parts would affect the way the brake system worked, so keeping everything in the correct order is paramount! When the seals and rebuilt M/C arrive, I’ll put the unit back together.

I stopped by the machine shop to check on the progress of the 330 engine and the machining.

The cranks and rods are coming along.

Here’s the video of my visit.