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One of the main reasons I went last week to see Peter Kalikow's car collection was to see his 330 America. François Sicard did this restoration several years ago, and although he shares in the wealth of knowledge he has in restoring this car, nothing beats seeing this car in person.

If you ever restore one of these cars you'll appreciate a picture like this. I studied all the details very closely. The things I noticed was the way the rear fuel hose is routed, the slight difference in color the resistors are to the color of the coils, the wrinkle paint on the brake fluid reservoirs, and the color of the carburetors. Some of these details confirm I'm heading in the right direction, like the fuel hose, but some items raise more questions.

More details are puzzling in this picture as well, like the color of the FIAMM Horns. When were they red, and when are they silver?

I don't believe there is a definitive answer to what should be what color on these cars. Changes were made on the assembly line as cars were being sent out. I know that the carburetors on the 250 cars were painted black, but the 330 cars had a natural finish. My car, SN5053 was made before Kalikow's SN5105, but mine has the natural finish on the carbs. Just as some cars received "330 America" badges, and some did not, perhaps some carbs got painted, and some did not. We may never know, and perhaps I shouldn't really care!

Here is a complete and correct tool kit to envy!

The infamous 330 America badge! According to Mr. Kalikow, 330 America badges were mounted diagonally on the trunk lid, or horizontally. He chose the later to suit his taste.

You cannot imagine the inspiration to see a sister to my car sitting there in concours condition.

Sharing that corner of the garage was this beautiful 500 Superfast with covered headlights, and a 412 in the back.

There were even more cars to look at and explore including more modern Ferraris like a F50, 360 Spyder and 456GT, not to mention Jaguars, Rolls Royces,  an Aston and a Cadillac, but I didn't want to overstay my welcome. I was privileged enough just to get a glimpse of this collection. I left the garage that day inspired to continue chasing the passion I have for these cars!

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