Ceramic Vintage Fuses

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Ceramic Vintage Fuses

Post by enio45 »

Working on a GTC - the same for the other ferrari's 330 2+2 and 250 etc....where do you get quality ceramic fuses and especially the 30A ones that are identified in the fuse box.

I have a variety of what i would say cheap looking, tabs are bent, improper ends secured loosely etc...looking for a hi quality set of fuses for the original fuse block design.

appreciate the thoughts.
Ed Montini
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Re: Ceramic Vintage Fuses

Post by tyang »

Hi Ed,

I don't know if they're better than what other's can get, but I order them from here:
https://www.belmetric.com/ceramic-fuses ... hk4bh6pr30
No 30 amp fuses though.

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Re: Ceramic Vintage Fuses

Post by Jimmyr »

Try one of the VW dealers that have been around for awhile, the bugs used them. In AZ they have a couple of VW restoration parts companies that supply the sand rail guys, and they have the original fuses including the 30A size. Google VW suppliers of mod stuff for the air cooled models. Jim
John Vardanian
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Re: Ceramic Vintage Fuses

Post by John Vardanian »

Ed, I got mine from NAPA just last year and they look like this. I believe they are color coded.

IMG_2508 resize.jpg
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