Junction block on GTE circuit board

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Junction block on GTE circuit board

Post by kare » Mon Sep 15, 2008 4:56 pm

Another topic which may have been partly covered in the past.

Trying to figure out how the GTE wiring was originally configured, I think that:

Two pairs of the junction block terminals were chained together and then following wires were bundled together:
- Voltage regulator terminal 30/Batt+
- Battery plus coming from the starter motor (not the solenoid wire!)
- Head light switch
- Ignition switch
- Fuses #3 and #12

The third terminal must have been used to bundle together the parking light circuit. This is also supported by the owner's manual where the photo shows only three wires connected to the fuse #11:
- engine compartment lights
- rear lights incl. trunk and register plate lights
- parking lights
- reverse light

What is in the fourth terminal? I have a faint memory of somebody saying it might be for interior lights... is that so?

Best wishes, Kare
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