Brake and suspension parts

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Brake and suspension parts

Post by enio45 » Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:11 pm

Im in the process of cleaning the front end parts and brake parts. Im planning to send the calipers, brake, clutch and clutch slave cyl out for refurbishing.

So several questions for the site experts...

1. What about the brake booster - do these get rebuilt and do they refinish the exterior as well?
2. On the front end bolts, brake parts (except the calipers) etc....i have media blasted these and should they be replated, or leave natural finish and a lite coat of satin clear??
3. On the front end nuts and others where the nuts are nylon grip type - should these be replated and does it effect the nylon or just replace them. Most i have taken off are yellow nylon.....can these be purchased?
4. I have not approached the front end disassembly yet, except for the shocks, sway bar and the complete brake caliper assembly. Not sure what to do - im a little afraid of dealing with the front springs and getting this back together correctly with the tolorences on the arms etc.
5. The front sway bar bracket that mounts to the frame - what color is the bracket suppose to be - i bought a replacement set and it is gold type plating which i believe is incorrect with a red bushing?

Appreciate the advise - im in the middle of it now :-)) - engine coming out next week...

ps, any recommendations on the lift points to pull the motor??
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